Important Ordinances For Anna Maria Island, Florida

| August 16, 2021

Considering a large family vacation or reunion, destination wedding, or a trip for your team on Anna Maria Island? Before you send out the save the dates, be sure you know the occupancy and other ordinances on the island. This way, you can ensure your planning brings nothing but smooth sailing.

We love to do all the heavy lifting [think concierge services or reserving a golf cart rental] prior to you arriving at a Serendipity property so you can spend all of your time relaxing and enjoying the pristine, natural beauty on Anna Maria Island. Instead of searching the internet for rental regulations and local rules, we curated the most important facts to know before booking your vacation.

Occupancy ordinances

At Serendipity, we follow the vacation rental ordinances stated by the City of Anna Maria, which states the total number of occupants per vacation rental is eight people, including infants. 

In the event there is more than one building or dwelling on one platted lot, the maximum occupancy shall be capped at eight occupants per lot or structure, whichever is less.

Important: At Serendipity, we will work to try and find an additional property to accommodate larger groups. Please let us know prior to booking if you have a group (larger than eight people) so we can accommodate properties accordingly.

Noise ordinances

-The island does have a noise ordinance to ensure the tranquility of the island remains for both visitors and residents. 

– The quiet time noise ordinance goes into effect each day from 10 pm through 8 am. 

-This ordinance also pertains to any loud music or loud sounds coming from properties after this hour. 

-To report a noise complaint, you can call 941-747-3011 or 911.

Parking ordinances 

-The last thing you want to deal with on vacation is a parking ticket or violation. 

-If this is your first time on Anna Maria Island, it’s important to know that the roads are very narrow so following parking regulations is paramount to ensure safety for all and for emergency vehicles. 

-Visit the City of Anna Maria’s parking rules site for more insights on where to park and where to avoid.

Serendipity is committed to providing a luxurious and cozy vacation experience, and we want to ensure there are no surprises in occupancy limits for any of our guests. With amazing vacation homes located on Anna Maria Island, you are bound to find the perfect destination. Our goal is to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest; we know you won’t be disappointed.

Serendipity is excited for the opportunity to make your stay at one of our homes a trip to remember. Our goal is to make it a pleasant experience, one you’ll want to repeat for many years to come!

 If you have any questions or wish to check on property availability, you can fill out a form and contact us or call at (813) 748-8215.

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