Blog Post – Beach Bliss: A Comprehensive Guide to Beach Rules and Wellness by the Shore

| April 16, 2024

Planning your trip to Anna Maria Island? We put together this handy comprehensive guide to beach rules and wellness on AMI.

The Beautiful Beaches of Anna Maria Island

Put on your sunscreen, pack a picnic, and plan your perfect getaway because there is no better place than beautiful AMI for a beachy good day. While other areas have bay areas that are not beach-friendly, Anna Maria is fortunate to be surrounded by gorgeous beaches. However, it is essential to remember that not all beaches on AMI have the same access rules. 

Beach Rules & Access on the Island

AMI is home to both private and public beaches. Here are some things to remember when planning a day at the beach. 

What is the difference between Private and Public beaches?

Public beaches are generally owned by the government at local, county, and state levels, with access open to the public. Private beaches offer limited and exclusive access points and additional amenities included with a membership. 

The Bay Side

Biceseted by Pine Ave, this section of AMI is home to luxurious private beaches, often tied to waterfront properties. Be aware of postings and be respectful of your surroundings. Most homes on the Bay Side of the Island own into the water, and they are well within their rights to ask you to leave. 

South Shore

Homes found on South Bay Blvd include private beach access with the property. The ocean stretches behind these houses, and while the public can access the water for launch points only, the actual sand beaches are considered private property and are not to be used by the public. 

Our properties on the South Shore

North Shore

Along North Shore Blvd, beaches are accessible to the public, and you can feel free to take a stroll through the water and enjoy the magnificent views. Some parts of these beaches, where homes are located close to the water, are technically private past the waterline. These beaches are not for sunning or sitting behind the waterline unless you stay in an adjacent property.

Our properties on the North Shore

The Gulf Side

Though there are still private beaches on the Gulf Side of AMI, there is more space between homes and the beach, which is perfect for those who do not stay in properties on the Bay Side of the Island. 

Our properties on the Gulf Side

Our homes include all sorts of wonderful amenities to keep you active during your stay on AMI. Kayaks, bicycles, and more are included with your stay. Some of our properties even have private pools, so if you want to get your laps in or have a leisurely swim, we are sure that we have the right home for you. 

Public Beaches on AMI

Anna Maria Bayfront Park | Sunrise – 10 pm

  • Free Parking
  • Pavillion
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms
  • Grills
  • Water fountains

Manatee Public Beach | Sunrise – 10 pm

  • No Parking
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Benches
  • Restrooms
  • Concessions
  • Grills 
  • Water fountains

Coquina Beach |Sunrise -10pm

  • Free Parking
  • Pavillions
  • Changing Cabanas
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playgrounds 

Sports and Activities on AMI

Sports are the most fun way to stay in shape and take care of yourself, and there is no shortage of sports activities for you and your family to get involved with during your stay on the island. 

Here are some of our favorite sports activities to join in on: 

Golf on Anna Maria Island

Golf and Florida are synonymous, and for a good reason. Tropical weather and sunshine make for perfect golf weather, especially during the winter months. (Who says golf can’t be a year-round sport?) 

Here are a few of our favorite places to play a round: 

Want more info on the Golf opportunities on and around the island? Check out our previous blog post on how to plan your golf getaway to AMI here.

Take in a Baseball Game

Maybe you have gotten your cardio in, and you are ready to relax with one of America’s favorite pastimes and take in a game of Baseball. Anna Maria Island is known to be the proud home of MLB Spring Traning, and there is no better place to watch the pros in action than LECOM Park. According to the official MLB website,” LECOM Park was initially built in 1923. It has undergone several significant renovations over the last three decades to provide fans with modern amenities while maintaining the feeling of a classic ballpark. The iconic Spanish mission style façade was constructed during a significant facelift of the stadium in the early 1990s. Lights came about in 2008.”

Even more, renovations came in 2013 through a partnership with the City of Bradenton, Manatee County, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Park is also home to minor league teams, The Bradenton Marauders and The Florida State League.

Find your Zen with Yoga on AMI

Are you not feeling competitive but still want to get your exercise in? Maybe it is time to stretch and find your Zen with a bit of Yoga on Anna Maria Island. With offerings from numerous studios that cover all skill levels, you are sure to find your own personal Nirvana during your stay. 

Here are a few of our favorite Yoga offerings the island has to offer: 

Salty Buddha Paddle & Yoga Club 

Located in the Island Plaza, Salty Buddha offers something extraordinary with a multitude of classes to pick from. There is a session for everyone, from morning beach yoga to personalized SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) yoga excursions. Salty Buddha isn’t just a yoga studio; it also focuses on mental health and self-care sessions that will teach you to appreciate yourself in a whole new way. They also offer different weekly and monthly events, such as craft nights and night-time paddle excursions, to help you connect with like-minded people in the community. 

Local Gym Options on the Island

You don’t have to miss out on your regular gym routine during your stay on AMI. 

Anna Maria Island Community Center | 407 Magnolia Avenue Anna Maria, FL 34216

Also known simply as “The Center,” this location has been a staple in the AMI community for 65 years. Memberships are available in day, week, month, and year options tailored to your needs.

Included in your membership is access to: 

  • Fitness Center
  • Fitness and wellness classes
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pickleball
  • Open Gym and field time
  • Playground 

Membership Options:

  •  Day Pass, Individual, $25.00
  •  Week Pass, Individual, $75.00
  •  Month Pass, Individual, $125.00
  •  Day Pass, Family, $70.00
  •  Weekly Pass, Family, $220.00

Yearly membership ranges from $30/month for youth to $135/month for a family pass. 

Additional benefits included in the Anna Maria Island Community Center are :

  • Access to Showers
  • Peloton Access
  • Newly Renovated Facility
  • New Cycling Equipment
  • $20 League Sports
  • Unlimited group fitness and wellness classes
  • Fitness Center
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pickleball
  • Unlimited League Sports with processing fee
  • Discount on Specialty Classes
  • Discounts on Summer Camp
  • Open gym and field time
  • Playground

Center Hours

  • Monday 7am-8pm 
  •  Tuesday 7am-8pm 
  •  Wednesday 7am-8pm
  •  Thursday 7am-8pm 
  •  Friday 7am-7pm 
  •  Saturday 8am-3pm
  •  Sunday Closed

AMI Health and Fitness

Looking for a 24-hour gym during your stay on AmI? AMI Health and Fitness has you covered. Like The Center, it offers multiple membership options to fit your personal needs. 

Short-Term Membership Prices

  • Day Pass $15 per person
  • 3-Day Pass: $35 per person
  • 1 Week Pass $50
  • 2 Week Pass $64
  • 3 Week Pass $74
  • 1 Month $ 84
  • 2 Months $144
  • 3 Months $194
  • 4 Months $244
  • 5 Months $294
  • 6 Months $344

Each additional member is 25% off when purchasing a short-term membership of 1 month of more

Year round, local resident rates start at $59.99! Each additional member is 1/2 off. Families of 3 people or more are just $109.99

Whatever your health and wellness goals during your stay on Anna Maria Island are, we can help you find your new home away from home. Reach out to us and start planning your trip to AMI today!

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