Best Outdoor Activities on Anna Maria Island

| September 29, 2020

You’ve booked a vacation to Anna Maria Island, and now you’re probably thinking: What kind of activities can I do there?

When visiting Anna Maria Island, your first idea of an activity is most likely the beach. Of course! With its seven miles of coastline, Anna Maria is one of Florida’s treasured beaches. Anna Maria Island’s crystal clear water and ultra fine sand would attract anyone.

However, did you know that there are countless other things to do on Anna Maria Island? So, when you’re ready to try something else on the island, give something from this list a try.


In a place as beautiful as Anna Maria Island, bike riding is ideal. The beautiful sights, coastal weather, and multiple beaches make for perfect bike riding conditions. Many of the state parks, local beaches, and nature preserves have bike paths available for use.

At Serendipity Anna Maria Island properties, there are four bikes available for use. However, if you and your group are looking for more bikes, there are bikes available for rent on the island.


A fun alternative to laying beachside is to take a kayak out on the water. Kayaking can be a fun group activity or a relaxing solo challenge.

Because of where Anna Maria Island is located, it’s perfect to take a kayak out on the waterways. On Anna Maria Island, you’ll even find many businesses offering kayak tours.

At Serendipity Anna Maria Island, you’ll find one kayak on property. As with most things, though, you’ll find that many places have kayaks for rent should you need more.


Similar to kayaking, paddle boarding is an excellent activity on Anna Maria Island. While it requires a bit more balance and work than kayaking, it can be a worthwhile challenge.

Serendipity Anna Maria Island has two paddleboards available for use. There are many places to rent additional paddleboards on the island. You may even decide to give paddleboard yoga a try!

Golf Carts

Because Anna Maria Island is relatively small, many residents and guests alike choose to travel by golf cart. You’re of course welcome to drive your car around. However, you may find that an open-air golf cart ride is just what your vacation needs.

Serendipity Anna Maria provides one golf cart for your use, but, again, more can be rented on the island.

Boat Rentals

If you decide to venture out into the water beyond kayaking or paddleboarding, renting a boat may be your best bet. The waterways surrounding Anna Maria Island are beautiful, and worth spending a day taking in.

There are many boat rentals available on Anna Maria Island, but these are a few we recommend:


No trip to the beach is complete without a dolphin sighting, but you can’t always guarantee you will see one from the beach. The best way to make sure you get one on your trip is to schedule an excursion. At Coastline Dolphin and Snorkeling Excursions, you can do just that.

You can also book a snorkeling excursion to explore the beauty of Anna Maria Island underneath the water. Sometimes, there’s just no other way to fully experience the island. When you go snorkeling, you’ll get a chance to see underwater marine life that you’d never see from the shore.

Kite Boarding and Jet Surfing

The adrenaline junkies in the group will have to check out kite boarding. One of the more fun activities on Anna Maria Island, kite boarding will bring adventure to your vacation.

No wind? No worries! If the wind hasn’t kicked up enough for kite boarding, we recommend kite surfing’s distant relative – jet surfing. Jet surfing gives all the fun of kite boarding but lets you control when and where you go.

You really can’t go wrong with either option when it comes to adventurous activities on Anna Maria Island.

C Ponies

Tired of your only options revolving around water? Not to fear! If you’re beach-ed out on your Anna Maria Island vacation, why not saddle up? At C Ponies, your group can ride horses along the ocean. A fun activity and a beautiful view – it doesn’t get better than that.

As you can see, you’ll have no shortage of things to do on your visit to Anna Maria Island. Ultimately, whatever activities you decide to do, you’ll undoubtedly have the trip of a lifetime.

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