Treat Yourself to a Spa Day on Anna Maria Island

| August 3, 2023

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, or you are a local out exploring your community, one thing is for sure: you deserve a day of relaxation and pampering. And there is no better place to treat yourself to a spa day than in the paradise topping everyone’s Best Beach List, Anna Maria Island. 

Have you worn yourself out sea shelling on sugar-sand pristine beaches

Ready to wind down after the excitement of riding the new ferries in town? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself.
Go ahead! You deserve it! 

You are sure to find perfect peace at one of the luxurious spas located throughout the island, each offering a unique experience.

Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki

The Sea-renity Beach Spa and Bou-tiki has two separate locations for your convenience.

The main spa has something for everybody. From deep tissue massage, to guided yoga and meditation, you will surely find your path to perfect relaxation. The main branch also boasts the themed Bou-tiki, a tiki-themed beach shop with luxury goods and souvenirs guaranteed to capture the magic of Anna Maria Island, so you can take some home with you. There is even a $5 discount in the bou-tiki for shoppers who partake in Sea-renity’s massage and spa services menu.

Massage on the beach, across the street from the Silver Surf Resort

Sea-renity Beach Spa’s second location is in a charming tiki hut directly on Bradenton Beach. Perfect for a couples massage while staring out into the vast ocean, this spot is sure to make your date night special.

SUMMER HOURS:  Due to the extreme heat, Beach Tiki Massages are only available between 8AM-11AM and 5PM-Sunset.
All other times of year have full availability except for rain and temperatures below 60 degrees. Our nearby indoor location is a convenient alternative to bad weather.

Body & Sol

Spa day

Body & Sol is one of the premiere day spas on Anna Maria Island. According to the website, they “believe the best way to feed the soul is to nurture and pamper the body. Add a little sand, sea salts and the sun and that’s a prescription for a happy life.”

Their expansive services include massage, manicures, pedicures, wedding hair and make-up, and guided yoga meditations for people of any level of athleticism.

~ SOL SUNBEAMS Just $15 each ~
Brighten your treatment without adding extra time.

Acqua Aveda

Acqua Aveda boasts TEN different types of custom massage. From deep tissue Swedish, to maternity massage, and even cupping, you are sure to find something to hit that sweet spot for you at Acqua Aveda. Not to mention the full-service salon with certified stylists and quality Aveda hair care and cosmetic products! Sure to make you look great and feel even better.

Aluna Wellness

Spa day meditation

Aluna Wellness focuses on both the mind and the body in tandem. With healing therapies, acupuncture, and meditative yoga on the service menu alongside massage, aroma therapy, and other spa specials, you are sure to experience peace during your stay on Anna Maria Island.

According to their website, Aluna Wellness is “inspired by the wisdom and traditions of ancient cultures, complemented by the beauty and energy of our barrier island, Aluna creates a transformative healing experience in a nurturing and soothing spa environment.
Aluna is an eco-friendly wellness spa with a holistic approach. We believe in the importance of balancing your whole being; mind, body and soul.”

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your home away from home?

Are you staying in one of our luxurious vacation homes and looking for a relaxing afternoon in, but still want to experience peak relaxation? We don’t blame you! Both Sea-renity Beach Spa and Bou-tiki as well as Body & Sol have travel options for some of the massage services they provide so you can relax and treat yourself to a spa day on Anna Maria Island without leaving the comfort of your travel home.

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