How to Love Anna Maria Island Like a Local

| July 16, 2021

Here on Anna Maria Island, there are endless ways to enjoy your stay. Take your pick of beautiful island beaches, quaint coastal villages, and some of the freshest Florida seafood around! Endless sunny days on Anna Maria Island are what have made it one of America’s favorite vacation spots. But no one loves this island more than those who call it home year-round. So if you’re planning a trip to Anna Maria Island, here are a few quick tips on how you can “love it like a local.” 

The Island Way: Sustainability, Preservation, Respect

For full-time residents of Anna Maria Island, sustainability, preservation and respect are simply a way of life – just like flip flops and beach hair! Thankfully, there are plenty of easy ways to make sure you leave this island escape just as pristine as you found it. Whether you’re coming down for a quick weekend getaway or planning your epic summer vacation, here’s how you can be a respectful and environmentally-conscious tourist!

Do Your Part, Don’t Litter!

When visiting the beach, be sure to do your part to leave it clean and litter free. If the seagulls could talk, they would thank you! Never throw trash, food, fishing line or other items into area waterways. Aerosol sunscreens release airborne chemicals into the environment. Be sure to use liquids instead and look for biodegradable ingredients. It’s small decisions like these that can help keep the homes of our sea life nice and clean. We love to relax and recharge on vacation, but don’t forget to recycle! 

Respect the Locals

Watch for local speed limits and be sure to follow them. Be mindful of private residences, and avoid parking on lawns, in other’s driveways, or walking across yards. Anna Maria Island has several beautiful parks and preserves to explore, however, do your research to learn which ones are off limits to the public or restricted. Whether at your rental, hotel or on the beach, keep the noise in check and avoid blaring music or other behavior that may be disruptive to residents or other vacationers. 

Keep Wildlife Safe

Our local wildlife love their personal space, so always maintain a safe distance. Be sure to keep lights dimmed at night from May-October so turtle hatchlings can safely make their first trip into the ocean. Manatees are slow movers, so remember to cruise carefully when boating, kayaking, or paddle-boarding, and respect no wake zones and other signs while on the water. When it’s time to reel it in after a great day of fishing, don’t forget to cut and properly dispose of your fishing line to keep birds and other marine life from getting caught in it. 

Anna Maria Island is a beautiful tropical escape, perfect for all ages. We can keep this island pristine for other visitors for years to come if we each do our part! Check out this Love it Like a Local guide for more tips.

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