5 Reasons to Take A Flexcation

| December 23, 2020

There’s no better time to take a flexcation. Not sure what that is? Well, a flexcation is a trip that combines flexible work hours and conditions, with vacation. Sounds pretty good, right?

Many individuals and families find themselves in a different work/school arrangement than they did a year ago. What used to be a traditional nine-to-five job at the office, has turned into working from home or a remote location. Many businessmen and women never even set foot in their office due to changes resulting from the ongoing pandemic. 

Students also attend school differently. Rather than attending their school Monday-Friday, they are now doing virtual learning at home. Families, businessmen, students, and even married couples are all learning a new rhythm to life as they adjust to the myriad of changes. Those changes have also brought stresses and hardships, and many people have struggled to maintain a positive outlook. 

That’s why it’s the perfect time to take a flexcation. It’s time to mix it up and shake up the norm. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking a flexcation:

You could probably use a vacation

This year has been tough. That is no secret. Even in a normal year, life is tough and you need breaks. That is what vacation is for! You need time to disconnect and break away from the normal, daily stresses of life. A vacation is a chance to recharge and rest. It’s also a time to experience new things, and connect with loved ones. Vacations are vital to our longevity and overall health. 

You can vacation without missing work

You may recognize that you need a vacation but may also be unable to take time off of work. That’s the best thing about a flexcation! You can experience the benefits of a vacation without missing work. Even if you have to attend zoom meetings, or hand in reports and make sales calls, a change of pace and scenery can do wonders for your perspective. It would probably motivate you to work harder, knowing that once you “punch out” for the day, there is fun awaiting you.  

You can make great memories

Flexcations allow you to make memories and great ones. You don’t have to wait and save up “vacation time.” You can spend quality time with your family in an exciting new place, and make memories, right now, that last a lifetime. Just imagine renting a beautiful beach vacation home for the week or the month, and bodysurfing in the waves with your kids after your work is finished. Or drinking coffee on the patio overlooking the beach before doing school lessons for the day. This year has taken away a lot of opportunities, but not your opportunity to make great memories. 

You can have fun experiences

Don’t get stuck in the daily grind. Expand your perspective to see that you can still have fun experiences, even while accomplishing work and school remotely. What better way to teach a science lesson than getting out and experiencing nature? A ski trip sounds like a great lesson in physics, right? A flexcation represents the opportunity to get creative with your circumstances and take advantage of the benefits available. 

You can minimize risk

When you rent a private vacation home for your flexcation, it minimizes risk and keeps you healthy. You don’t have to stay at a hotel where your exposure is uncertain. In fact, you don’t have to eat out at restaurants because you have everything you need right there in your vacation rental. The people that you choose to flexcation with are the same people you live with so there’s no added risk there either. It’s the perfect solution to traveling and taking a vacation safely. 

Are you convinced yet? It really is the perfect time to take advantage of working remotely and virtual learning. Spend time with the ones you love and make great memories together! Call us today to find the perfect vacation rental for your flexcation. 

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