What You Need to Know When a Planning a Trip to Anna Maria Island During Hurricane Season

| August 2, 2021

Summertime isn’t complete without a trip to the beach for most families. The irony of summer in Florida is that the Atlantic hurricane season also kicks off on June 1st each year, just when school is coming to an end and everyone is ready to relax and soak up some sun. However, don’t fret. Traveling to Anna Maria Island, even during hurricane season, is something you want to experience. The warm weather, gorgeous water, and amazing shelling are just a few of the many things waiting for you when you visit.

Just like you come prepared for vacation, we have come prepared to provide you with best practices when traveling during hurricane season. Here are 3 main things you need to know:

Travel Insurance is Key

Keep Up-to-Date with Emergency Alerts

Know the Manatee County Evacuation Zones

While it’s not likely that a storm will affect your vacation, you never truly know what can happen. We have curated the following resources to help you plan your trip during hurricane season and protect your relaxing vacation to the beautiful Anna Maria Island.

Travel Insurance is Key

If the pandemic has taught us anything, one big lesson is to expect the unexpected. Travel insurance could ensure that you receive a full refund in the event of a medical emergency or due to severe weather conditions such as tropical storms, hurricanes, high winds, or water that make it impossible to drive.

The best time to purchase travel insurance is when you book your trip. If you’re on the fence about it but are planning a trip during hurricane season, know that once a hurricane is named, insurance can no longer cover the weather as unforeseen. [Here’s a great read on when to purchase travel insurance, click here to check it out.]

You can also learn more about Serendipity’s rental terms and conditions for inclement weather, evacuation orders, hurricanes, etc., here

Looking for travel insurance companies to compare rates and coverage? We’ve got you covered.


General Global Assistance


SquareMouth Travel Insurance

Keep Up-to-Date with Emergency Alerts 

In the event that a hurricane is coming your way while vacationing on Anna Maria Island, here are some helpful things to know for emergency planning.

Sign up for emergency CodeRED alerts in Manatee County

These emergency updates will keep you apprised of evacuation notices, boil water advisories, weather warnings, hazardous traffic, or road conditions. You can opt to receive notifications by phone call, text, or email. Sign up for Alert Manatee here.

Access #ManateeReady Emergency Planning information

Access Manatee County’s Emergency Planning site for important information on emergency shelters, sandbag distribution, emergency orders and rules, and the current status of emergency operations.

Know the Manatee County Evacuation Zones

Navigating around a new area is adventurous and comes with the mystery of exploring but you want to be sure you know where evacuation zones and routes are in case of a weather emergency. Manatee County has done a great job and clearly labeling each area in the county by evacuation levels. It’s important to know that evacuation levels are not the same as flood zones.

To access an interactive Evacuation Level Map, click here.

You can also access a printable evacuation map to keep on hand. 

Don’t let the hurricane season keep you from having the vacation of a lifetime. We hope these tips and resources give you peace of mind so you can get to planning your next trip to the gorgeous sandy beaches of Anna Maria Island. If you have any questions or wish to check on property availability, you can fill out a form and contact us or call at (813) 748-8215.

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