Travel with Confidence [Update to COVID-19 Policies]

| July 31, 2020

This year has been unusual, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, including their travel plans for the year. And things are continually changing, making it challenging to nail down future travel plans. 

To help you feel more confident about making travel plans, we’re updating you on changes we’ve made to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Travel Insurance

First, we encourage all of our future guests to purchase travel insurance. Here’s a link to the travel insurance we recommend. It covers COVID-19 related risks.

However, please refer to the specific details of your policy to know which situations are covered by insurance. 

Sanitation Updates and Changes

Next, we’ve updated our current and post-COVID-19 policies to ensure the safety of our customers. We have been and will continue to be extra vigilant on all matters of cleanliness and sanitation. 

The following is general health and safety information, as well as several specific changes we have made going forward.

Furniture and Decoration

Post-COVID-19 homes will include very few decorative items/details to ensure the proper cleaning of all surfaces. All furniture is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant products. 


All mattresses and box springs are enclosed in a vinyl zippered protector, with a waterproof mattress pad over top. Also, there are freshly laundered sheets and quilts. We have removed thick duvets and comforters to allow for a fresh, clean set with each new visit. Pillows are also encased in a vinyl protector. And we supply freshly laundered pillowcases for each guest. 

Additionally, we remove the entire bed covering, from the mattress pad to the pillowcase, and replace it with a new set for each guest. We also wipe the vinyl encasements with a CDC-approved disinfectant before we put the new bedding in place. 


We have removed all decorative items. This allows for thorough and extensive cleaning. Toiletries and other supplies are brand new for each guest and enclosed in a container. 


We have minimized the number of baking and cooking utensils available, as well as dishware and other kitchen items. We also wash and sanitize kitchen items between each visit.

Extra Measures

After our cleaning team has thoroughly cleaned the home, we take extra precautions. We go the extra step of using UV light on all door handles, knobs, railing, etc. to kill germs and bacteria. Finally, we also use ozone machines in each room between guests to purify the air. 

Although our homes are somewhat less stocked than usual, we are happy to deliver anything you run out of or may need during your stay. There is no need to go to the store for toiletries or other necessities. That way you can minimize your exposure and maximize your enjoyment. 

We know these are uncertain times, but we want to do everything we can to provide our customers with the certainty of health and safety in their travels. Throughout this pandemic and beyond!

For more information about services vacation rentals, visit our website, or contact us today!

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