Top 5 Benefits of an Island Getaway

| September 21, 2021

Anna Maria Island hosts a getaway filled with health benefits, while you have a blast. Contrary to popular belief both fun and healthy can exist in the same space. Usually the word healthy is associated with awful food or grueling exercise. Why should fun get left out?

A little relaxation and some fun activities can go a long way for your health. Plan your next getaway with these 5 benefits in mind:

Mindful Breathing on the Gulf

Since stress can literally make us sick it’s important to keep it under control. Focused mindful breathing can help reduce stress levels. When we’re in a relaxed state we sleep better, we digest our food better and our immune system can function at peak performance.

Our mind can be a scary place, constantly talking and assessing our situation. Take a step back from the inner chatter and just observe. Pay close attention to your breath. Fill the lungs deeply, then release slowly. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Imagine taking a mindful breath comfortably seated on the beach. Let the free Anna Maria Island trolley take the stress out of driving or parking while you enjoy the island view. Hop off at Coquina Beach and experience the powdery sand between your toes.

Cardio on the Water

Equally important to a healthy mindset, the body needs stimulation too. Cardio is the perfect way to keep your physique in tune and attain healthy benefits. While cardio is a good way to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and reduce chronic pain, it’s also key to strengthening the heart for optimum efficiency.

Nothing says “hello” first thing in the morning like a dip in the water. Wake up to a breathtaking Gulf view and get the blood pumping with a swim. One of the best forms of cardio is practicing those swimming skills.

Continue with fun on the water and satisfy that need for speed at Anna Maria Island Water Sports. At this family owned business you can get a jet ski rental or take a relaxing boat ride for the day.

Fitness Class

There’s a million reasons not to exercise on vacation. It only takes one to sabotage good intentions. A great way to hold yourself accountable is a good fitness class. Find a class that interests you and go for it. Who knows, you might even meet a fun friend.

Join a variety of classes in constant rotation at the locally owned Island Fitness. Here you’ll find cycling, yoga, strength training and more. With a dozen different classes to offer, you’ll find something just right for you.

Social Interaction

In order to maintain a healthy mental state it’s important to engage with others regularly. Something as simple as laughter with friends can soothe tension, aide muscle relaxation and reduce stress.

On Friday’s and Saturday’s let the good times roll at Slim’s Place for live music and great food. This Philly style sports bar always has a friendly staff and a comfortable atmosphere to match.

Slow Pace

When was the last time you spent the day without an electronic device? We live in an overstimulated fast-paced world. Turn off the phone, close the laptop and bask in the slow pace of island life. Surrounded by amazing Gulf views and great local eateries, you’ll forget all about your distracting electronics.

A fantastic vacation can be exactly what you need to reset, recharge and look to the future with a fresh perspective. Find your perfect luxury vacation rental on Anna Maria Island.

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