Top 15 Photo Spots on Anna Maria Island

| October 14, 2021

There is not a place more picturesque than Anna Maria Island. It is known for its beautiful beaches. The island is the perfect place to take a multitude of photos. Sometimes, it can be hard to narrow down the very best places to capture your memories. That’s why we’re here to help! Check out the top 15 photo spots on Anna Maria Island:

1. Bean Point

Bean Point Beach offers one of the most beautiful sunset views on the entire island. Its location is on the northernmost tip of Anna Maria. The sand is white and powdery. The beach is framed by the most beautiful blue water you’ll ever see. Photos here are sure to make all of your friends back home wish they were experiencing the beach like you are!

2. Joe’s Eats and Sweets

Why would we include an ice cream shop on our list? Because it has one of the most fun photo walls, that’s why! Not only is Joe’s Eats and Sweets a must when visiting Anna Maria Island but, it is also a great place to snap a colorful picture. Fun, colorful stripes cover the building and will make the perfect background for your next vibrant photo.

3. Rod and Reel Pier

Rod and Reel Pier is a must-visit on the island. It is an iconic, scenic spot that attracts all kinds of visitors. Not only will you be able to take amazing photos but, you can stop for a bite to eat at the popular restaurant that directly overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a win, win situation!

4. Anna Maria City Jail

If you’re looking for a historic photo spot, the Anna Maria City Jail is the place for you. It’s been closed since 1940 but still attracts tons of visitors. It’s definitely worth the visit to capture a fun and unique photo!

5. Pine Avenue

A beautiful mural can make the perfect backdrop for a fun vacation photo! You can find a mural like this on Pine Avenue. You can take a picture or two in front of the beautiful painting and stop into the shops that surround it! There’s nothing like an outing that includes a cute picture.

6. The Donut Experiment

There is no food as photogenic as a delicious donut. That’s why The Donut Experiment is a great place to snap a  picture when visiting Anna Maria Island! All of your loved ones back home will be envious of your gorgeous tan and your yummy donut.

7. Beach Bistro

Fine dining and a picture or two to prove it? Yes, please! The Beach Bistro is one of the best places on the island to have a romantic date night, as well as take the perfect picture with your favorite date.

8. Manatee Public Beach

Everyone visits Anna Maria Island for its beautiful beaches. This wouldn’t be a list of photo spots if we didn’t include Manatee Public Beach! Take a photo in the middle of the day when the sun is shining or when it’s getting ready to set. Either way, you’re bound to have tons of priceless memories from your visit to this beautiful beach.

9. Coquina Beach

If you head to the south end of the island, you’ll find Coquina Beach. This beach is a great place to catch boats driving by and experience the most colorful sunset skies. People will have a hard time believing your photos are real!

10. Fern Street and North Shore Drive

At Fern Street and North Shore Drive, there is a beautiful beach entrance path. Here you will find a beautiful green archway that frames the sea in the background. It will make for the best sightseeing and the most stunning photos!

11. Bayfront Park

Much like Fern Street and North Shore Drive, Bayfront Park offers another picture-perfect green archway. This one frames the bay and the infamous Skyway Bridge. At its tallest, the bridge reaches 864 feet! It’s a photo opportunity you will not want to miss.

12. Driftwood Beach

At the north end of Longboat Key, you’ll find Driftwood Beach. If you park at the North Shore Road Public Beach Access and walk north, you’ll run into the scenic Driftwood area. There’s a photo opportunity around every corner here!

13. The Anna Maria City Pier

A classic, historic, and picturesque place to visit, the Anna Maria City Pier is a must! Visitors of Anna Maria Island have been visiting this monumental pier for years. It’s sure to make for some of your favorite vacation photos.

14. Green Turtle Shell and Gift Shop

Why would we tell you to take a photo at a gift shop? Because on the side of this particular shop is a gorgeous mural! You’ll find a stunning painting of a sunset, treasure chest, and pirate. Perfect for a trendy, fun, and memorable picture.

15. Serendipity Vacation Homes

Everyone will want to see the beautiful place that you stayed when visiting Anna Maria Island. Any of our nine vacation homes would make for the most breathtaking photo opportunity. Find out more on how you can book your next vacation by clicking here!

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