Making Memories Despite A Pandemic

| December 8, 2020

2020 has thrown us all for a loop, hasn’t it? The COVID-19 pandemic that began in March has changed the way we do just about everything. Even as we countdown the days to a new year, the changes and uncertainties the virus brought seem to be continuing into the new year with us. 

Our social lives, among many other things, have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. It has hindered our ability to connect with others and make memories in all of the usual ways. But it is also inspiring to see the resilience of human nature throughout the season as well. In light of social distancing and canceled gatherings, people have found unique ways to connect with one another. They have been determined to make great memories despite a pandemic. 

So in that spirit of resilience, we wanted to share some ways to continue to make great memories with your loved ones despite a pandemic. Here’s what we recommend:

 Share meals around the dinner table 

Although you still can’t attend large gatherings, you can prioritize quality time with loved ones at home. Quarantine made it clear that being stuck in a house with your family is not the same as spending quality time together. So encourage your family to eat dinner together at the table as often as possible. Have a list of funny conversation starters ready and laugh together while enjoying a great meal. Ask each other about your day, and share something you’re looking forward to. 

Have a game night

Switch things up by having a game night once a week. This could be just with your immediate family or with a few friends. Share appetizers, start a tournament of some kind, and enjoy being together. No matter which game you choose, with the right people, there are sure to be great memories made. 

Take a vacation

Travel plans were one of the top things affected by COVID-19. Airlines all but shut down for a time, travel between states was discouraged, and travel out of the country was out of the question. The restrictions have relaxed some but the idea of taking a vacation may still sound risky. But it doesn’t have to! There are plenty of fun and safe vacation options. 

One of the safest options for vacationing is to rent a private vacation rental. You can drive to the destination and stay with your family, eat in, and even have groceries delivered. You can have the time of your life making great memories with your family, without even seeing another soul if you choose not to. It’s as safe as staying at home, but way more fun!

Enjoy outdoor activities

One benefit of the pandemic has been learning to take advantage of time spent outdoors. After being cooped up for several months, there’s nothing quite like fresh air in your lungs and sunshine on your face. Brainstorm with your family about an outdoor adventure you could go on and then do it! That is another perk of taking a vacation together as well. You can travel to the beach and enjoy salt water and sea air, or travel to the mountains for a ski trip. The options are endless!

These are just a few ideas to help you make great memories despite the pandemic. Whatever you choose, we hope you have quality experiences with your loved ones that create lasting memories. 

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