Consider Hiring a Private Chef During Your Serendipity Stay

| December 6, 2022

The idea of hiring a private chef is one that many people never even consider. Even if they do, there is a tendency to think it is too pretentious or just too expensive to consider and they never explore the option. There are actually some good reasons to consider hiring a private chef.


Of course, we think of hiring a private chef as saving time, but what does that really mean? If you are hosting an event, that means time spent with your guests, not in the kitchen trying to prepare and plate everything at just the right time. If it’s a family gathering, that means time spent making memories with your family. The time savings starts before the dinner and continues afterward when you are enjoying time with friends while the chef is cleaning up after themselves. Your time and energy are spent on your family and guests, not on cooking and cleaning up.

It’s Your Space

While many restaurants may have a room you can reserve, it’s still not really a private space. Hosting in your vacation home is more private, and more intimate. It allows you both flexibility and comfort. This carries over to the post-dinner time as well. No more being stuck at a table, you can move around.

It can also be kid friendly. Your guests can bring children if you want to allow that and it saves them from trying to find an expensive babysitter and constantly worrying about checking in with the sitter.

Flexibility and Choice

When you go to a restaurant, they hand you a menu. You can pick off of it and they will usually allow you to make some minor adjustments to it. When hiring a private chef, you hand them the menu. The choices are yours. Exactly what you want and how you want it.

Wine and Cocktails

Before you calculate the cost on a per person/per plate basis, think about other things. For example, think about things like wine or cocktails. The markup in many restaurants is between 400 and 1200%. In many cases, your wine and cocktails can cost more than the meal. That huge markup is not present when you are hosting privately.

Our Cheff

One option during your stay on Anna Maria Island is Our Cheff. The locally owned and operated company says the extra F in their name is for fun. Chef Michaelangelo Larive has two services that could be of interest to our guests. First is catering an event or dinner. They will accommodate anything from an intimate dinner for two to a large group. They prepare everything on-site and clean and sanitize the preparation area after the service is complete. A second option is to have the chef prepare your meals for the week. They will prepare the dishes in your vacation home and label them with cooking instructions. For more information about either service or their cooking classes, visit their website.

Traveling Gourmet

Chef Molly O’Connor caters breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. She offers both on-site preparation or drop-off service if that is your preference. Everything can be personalized to fit your tastes or dietary needs. The Traveling Gourmet also offers weekly meal services that can provide you with customized meals for your entire stay. Visit Chef Molly’s website for more information.

Chef on Demand

Like the others, Chef on Demand is locally owned and operated. Chef Wendy Weller can provide either meal preparation for your week visiting Anna Maria Island or can cater a specific dinner. She can adapt to different dietary needs and will even grocery shop for you. Everything can be prepared in your kitchen, then stored and labeled right away. Visit the Chef on Demand website for more information about services.

Whether you have used a private chef before or are just thinking about it for your visit with us, we hope these suggestions help. If you need more information, please contact us and let our local experts make your stay a memorable one. 

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