Be a Friend to Sea Turtles (and Other Wildlife)

| November 1, 2021

Did you know that the beaches of Anna Maria Island are so much more than just a beautiful place to visit? The beaches are home to sea turtles and several other kinds of wildlife. Many vacationers don’t realize this and therefore don’t know how to help protect these animals. Don’t worry, though, we have you covered! As proud Anna Maria Islanders, we know all the ways to be a friend to sea turtles and other wildlife. Here are a few you should check out before visiting.

Clear the Way

Sea Turtle nests are sometimes spotted on the beaches of Anna Maria Island between the months of May and October. One of the easiest and most helpful ways to be a friend to sea turtles and other beach wildlife is by clearing the way at the end of the day. Removing all beach furniture, canopies, boats, and toys is vital to protecting these animals, as well as filling in any hole that your children may have dug while building sandcastles. Doing these things is important because if this stuff is left out, it can block nesting and hatching turtles. To learn more about sea turtle nesting, check out this informative article!

Throw Away Trash

Another great way to be a friend to all of the wildlife that calls the beach home is to throw away your trash. Beach animals cannot eat human food because it can make them very sick. Leaving any leftover food in the sand can be extremely hazardous to the surrounding wildlife. Also, inedible trash that an animal may attempt to eat is very dangerous. As a visitor of the beach, you must do your part and throw away any and all of your trash. Leaving it around for an animal to find can only cause harm!

Do Not Touch the Animals

This may or may not go without saying but, touching any of the animals you encounter on the beach is never a good idea. Remember, they are in their natural habitat, and to them, there is nothing natural about a human messing with them. If you think an animal might be injured or in harm’s way, you always have an option that doesn’t involve taking matters into your own hands. On Anna Maria Island, we have a Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center that is equipped and ready to help any injured wildlife. Giving them a call is always the best option!

Preserving the wildlife on Anna Maria Island is something that both the locals and the visitors should take seriously. They are such an intricate part of the beauty and nature that make up the island. It is a beautiful thing when people and animals can be in the same space without harming one another. We truly believe that it is so important to be a friend to sea turtles and other wildlife found on the beach. To experience the amazing wildlife the beach has to offer, book your next vacation with us!

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