Affordable Vacation Times on Anna Maria Island

| March 14, 2023

There really is no bad time to visit Anna Maria Island. The sugar white sands and Gulf waters are enjoyable almost all of the year. We may be a little biased, but we think this is pretty close to paradise. Still, there are times of the year when the island is busier. There are also times when it is not as busy and that is something you may want to know because less busy means more affordable vacation times.

Peak Seasons

January through April is often just referred to as “season” by many locals. These months typically have the highest rate of visitors we see in Florida. Much of that is people visiting our beaches and resorts. Some are seasonal residents that spend their cold weather months here. In either case, these months are often the times when it is most difficult to find vacancies, rental cars, and flights. Since the demand is high, there are rarely any discounts during those times and prices are usually at their peak.

June through mid-August are also peak months. In this case, it’s busy because of families traveling during their children’s summer break from school. Just like the cold months, this is a more expensive time to travel to Anna Maria Island.

Lower Demand Months

The good news is that there are months of lower demand as well. That means you’ll find a broader range of choices for our luxury vacation homes. Flights won’t be as crowded, and rental cars will be more readily available. The months of May, September, and October are some of the best months to look for affordable vacation times.  Our rates are normally lower during those months. The first part of November is also a more affordable time.


Not all holidays affect vacations the same way. So, let’s look at them differently.

July 4th and Post-Christmas

These are the busiest time frames of the year and for good reason. How cool would it be to enjoy the 4th of July on the beach right outside of your door, cook out on the grill then watch fireworks over the water? Or spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day with family and friends enjoying the warm weather and sand? Those are great times, but if that is part of your agenda, please plan as early as you can. Our rentals fill up fast for those time frames.

Thanksgiving and Christmas

It is probably no surprise to hear that Thanksgiving and Christmas are two very busy holidays. You may not expect to hear that the period between those two holidays offers some of the best deals of the year! Imagine being able to take a restful pause between two of the biggest holidays of the year by staying on the beach, and enjoying the weather and local attractions.

Regardless of whether you pick affordable vacation times or the busiest time of the year, we want you to have an amazing stay in our luxury vacation homes. If you need help planning times or want more information on our homes or Anna Maria Island, our local experts will be happy to help. Just contact us and we’ll help make your next vacation a new favorite memory.

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