5 Reasons Why You and Your Spouse Need a Florida Vacation

| February 15, 2022

“I need a vacation.” At one time or another, almost all of us have said that phrase or some variation of it aloud. Sometimes we said it to family or co-workers. Sometimes we said it to ourselves. No matter the time or reason, there is a good chance it was a true statement. We do need vacations and Florida is a great place for one. Let’s look at 5 reasons you and your spouse need a Florida vacation.

1. Your physical health

Taking or not taking vacations can have a bigger impact on our physical health than one may think. A study of over 12,000 men found that those who took regular vacations were much less likely to die from coronary heart disease than those who did not. Similarly, another study found women who didn’t take regular vacations were twice as likely to have a heart attack or coronary death than women who took them. The risks for other conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and stroke were dropped by 25% in those who take regular vacations.

2. Your work productivity

Work is often the thing we need a break from the most, but also the most frequent reason we use to put off vacations. It may seem counter-intuitive that taking time off makes us more productive at work, but science supports the notion. Long periods of time without time off can bring on stress that leads to exhaustion, impatience and poor decision making. Studies have indicated that people return from vacation with improved focus and creativity. How much improvement? One study indicated productivity improves by 31 percent, sales increase by 37 percent and creativity and revenues can triple.

3. Quality time with your spouse

One reason you and your spouse need a Florida vacation is to spend time together.  One marriage counselor told NBC News “Taking a vacation with your partner may be the exact remedy needed to reignite that connection and spark.” Other experts agree and even pointed out fun in planning the trip together. One tip the experts shared: Don’t plan a packed agenda. A full itinerary puts focus on following the plan rather than making memories with each other.

4. Increased mindfulness

In our normal day-to-day life, we often do things on autopilot. We drive by the same buildings, eat at the same restaurants and, in general, find ourselves in a routine. Vacations tend to change that and that is a plus. As one expert put it, “That decreased familiarity is an opportunity for most people to be more fully present, to really wake up.” This also leads to an increase in compassion, resilience, and happiness while reducing stress.

5. Making memories matters

Long after the vacation is over and the souvenir t-shirt has faded, the memories remain. As it turns out, those memories have value beyond just having a story to tell. Studies have shown that happy memories can influence our mental health. Under stress, our bodies release a stress hormone called cortisol and happy memories can actually slow or suppress the release. In addition, the areas of our brain that regulate our emotions become more active with happy memories, leading to fewer negative thoughts or feelings.

We can help plan

One thing that several studies also discovered was that trip planning matters. According to a project by the U.S. Travel Association, travel stress can negate some of the happiness benefits of the trip. The antidote is good planning. The study indicated “94 percent of vacations result in higher levels of happiness and energy if the employee plans a month in advance…” Our experts can help plan your trip and make it relaxing. Whether it’s help finding a romantic restaurant or arranging travel from the airport to your vacation home, we can help. Contact us and let us help plan the Florida vacation you and your spouse need.

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